Welcome to Meat-Packer-Exchange.com. This site is an informational site for packers or sellers to post their meat and animal products so potential buyers will know immediately what shipments are available.  Also, buyers can post their meat products of interest to alert sellers to the meat and by products that they need. 

Our services are provided at a minimum cost.  We have set our fees at a very nominal rate to encourage brokers, sellers, buyers, growers, jobbers, retailers, or anyone involved in the use of meats, hides, or animal by products to use this network for processing their orders.  Meat-Packers-Exchange.com will provide up to date information on the meat packers marketplace to help place meat and animal by products in a more timely and efficient manner. 

Now there is no need of making dozens of phone calls to see who has what you need.  One entry can alert everyone to your meat and animal by product needs immediately.  Buyers can get dozens of offers back from sellers without having to make a single call.  Likewise, sellers, can notify everyone who uses their product of what they have available with just a single entry.  Then, buyers who are interested will respond.  Reduce the number of calls you have to make each day.  Now just a few minutes of entries can accomplish what has taken hours on the phone.

Packers and buyers who have online ordering systems can benefit from this network too.  We encourage all to participate and there is no cost to join our network.  There are no up front cost to list or post your meat and animal by products on this site.  Only, when a packers or seller’s posting is placed to a buyer are there fees and these seller fees are just a fraction of a cent on the dollar.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

 Meat-Packer-Exchange.com is here to help you get current information on who is selling and who is buying.  Find out which packers have the available products that you need.  Also, this network will allow you to choose your packers of choice to just shop for those packers’ postings.  Anyway, you look at it, Meat-Packers-Exchange.com is here to save you time and money.  So, register and join our network today.  Welcome to Meat-Packers-Exchange.com.                         

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